Sunny Days in England (day 2)

Fully recovered from jet lag, we woke up early and walked less than a mile from our hotel to our first appointment of the day.. breakfast at the Duck and Waffle.  Friend Dory booked this because of the spectacular view of the city  and some parts of the Thames River from the 40th floor. We just missed the sunrise by a good one hour or so, sunrise was probably at 4 am , lol.  Lesson learned, recheck sunrise times constantly when travelling ;  but then who wants breakfast at 4 am? We all ordered the signature duck and waffle and we were pleasantly surprised; it was delicious.

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Sunny Days in England (Day 1)

How lucky am I?  A husband allowing me to travel with friends to England while he takes  our  daughter to a  choral recital , a dance competition and worries about where to buy  her fake eyelashes ( aside from the usual tasks of taking the kids to school; bringing them to after school activities and keeping a toddler entertained) while I gallivant with friends  in London? Very lucky! It  has been a great week, though I’ve missed the family I am  truly grateful that I had this chance to travel with friends.

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