Two Days in Ireland

Ireland was an afterthought; but when I realized that the plane fare  from England was very affordable, I took the chance so I can visit my favorite childhood playmate and cousin whom I haven’t seen for 18 years. I didn’t have a lot of expectations, but I felt that Ireland was familiar.  My favorite priest in my school age years was Irish and I grew up loving the music of U2, the Cranberries and the Corrs. I remember singing my heart out to Cranberries’ Zombie during my early teen age years.  Two days is not enough to form an opinion, but  I think Ireland is unpretentious, raw, bruised but innately strong. I would love to come back and explore some more.

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Sunny Days in England (day 4)

The Cotswolds is the  second largest area of protected landscape in England. Honey colored houses, verdant rolling hills, narrow roads and endless rows of yellow goodness; thanks to the rapeseed plant and a magnificent estate which made real the stuff written about english countryside and nobility in my favorite regency romance novels- that pretty much sum up  why  I love England. While it’s only a brief glimpse and experience of the countryside; it’s enough to make me want to come back for more.

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Sunny Days in England (day 2)

Fully recovered from jet lag, we woke up early and walked less than a mile from our hotel to our first appointment of the day.. breakfast at the Duck and Waffle.  Friend Dory booked this because of the spectacular view of the city  and some parts of the Thames River from the 40th floor. We just missed the sunrise by a good one hour or so, sunrise was probably at 4 am , lol.  Lesson learned, recheck sunrise times constantly when travelling ;  but then who wants breakfast at 4 am? We all ordered the signature duck and waffle and we were pleasantly surprised; it was delicious.

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