Barcelona in Three Days


We will be back! for sure. A quick tour of this beautiful region in Spain and three days is never enough to explore this city. I lost my cellphone to a pickpocket in Barcelona, but even that is negligible compared to the wonderful experience we had there.

We took the late night flight from Marrakech, so we arrived Barcelona’s  El Prat  at around 2 in the morning. Utilizing the not so comfy airport benches, we tried to catch some zzz’s while we waited for the car rental to open at 6:00  in the morning. It was uncomfortable, but it was one of those money saving efforts we did for this trip. We rented a car via Costco for 2 days which cost us 27 euros per day, saved us a hotel cost for a night and allowed us to visit other places in the Catalunia region at our own pace.

First stop so early in the morning was the beautiful city of  Tarragona.

The Castle of Altafulla or Castell dels Montserrat is a castle palace of the Tarragonès dating from 1059 . It is not open for public viewing.

Esglesia de Sant Marti d’ Altafulia is built between 1701 to 1705

Clear skies with a few clouds,a gorgeous view of  the Mediterranean sea from the Tarragona amphitheater ruins, a plate of black seafood paella and just walking aimlessly in the the alleys of the city square was our idea of a good time.

Tarragona Amphitheater

Tarraco Arena Placa

Pont del Diable

After devouring that delicious black seafood paella, we headed back to Barcelona to prepare for our most awaited activity of the night. We really worked hard to get tickets for this game and even cancelled our booking in Cadaques just to watch Messi and the FC Barcelona play against Atletico de Madrid at Camp Nou. Every night we checked the website for ticket availability. Finally got a couple of tickets  2 days before the match. This is when I lost my cellphone in the train (we took the train from our hotel so we didn’t have to worry about parking, etc) and DSLR battery died! Photos here are from the Iphone but I’m glad we decided to watch them.  Just being in the crowd of passionate soccer fans, joining them sing and cheer for Barca, hearing the curses and praises; that was a great once in a lifetime experience.

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Summer in the City of Lights

Europe has always been in my bucket list and Paris is the first city that I wanted to see. I’ve seen it countless times, -in my friends FB and Instagram feeds; but I felt like I had to experience it first hand. . While backpacking in Europe is considered a norm; doing it with a very active and curious toddler is quite a challenge. Our itinerary wasn’t really fixed; it was more of ‘lets see what happens’….We spent three full days in Paris during the first part of the holiday. It was quite hot and and we did lots of walking. I did no part in figuring out which transportation to use., my husband  took care of this tedious part. After Paris, we visited Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. Before heading back home, we spent another 3 days in Paris and we were blessed with a cooler weather. It was heavenly; I miss it already..I remember it as being so vibrant.. pleasantly chaotic with  people walking and biking everywhere and getting on and off trains. Add to that the sound of police siren every few minutes or so. For some reason i love this but it gets to you and you kinda just miss it.  We lost some photos of Paris, especially those at the Eiffel Tower. Until now Im hoping that one of these days, I’ll get an email from an unknown person saying they found our lost SD card Of Paris and Belgium.

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