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US and Canada Coast to Coast Road Trip Adventure with Tesla Model 3


So we tried the Model 3 this summer; round trip coast to coast. It was our first time  using a full electric car so planning required more effort and considerations.

We had a general idea as to where we wanted to go, but we dealt with the little details of our  route on an everyday basis. We booked our accommodations the day before or the day itself.

We left Los Angeles around 9 am, arrived at Barstow, CA to supercharge and had lunch. Late afternoon was spent exploring the historic downtown of Flagstaff, Arizona. We enjoyed the shops, street art, performers and the  laid back vibe of the city.

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Adventures with our Tesla Model 3

After two years of waiting; the much anticipated delivery of Model 3 finally materialized the day before mother’s day. Great, isn’t it? I was very excited despite not really knowing yet how it functions and how to manage the controls . The Model 3 is replacing a car which is a few months older than my 14 year old daughter, hence the excitement.

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