Sunny Days in England (day 4)

The Cotswolds is the  second largest area of protected landscape in England. Honey colored houses, verdant rolling hills, narrow roads and endless rows of yellow goodness; thanks to the rapeseed plant and a magnificent estate which made real the stuff written about english countryside and nobility in my favorite regency romance novels- that pretty much sum up  why  I love England. While it’s only a brief glimpse and experience of the countryside; it’s enough to make me want to come back for more.

Heythrop Park Resort , Oxfordshire

Built in the 18th century for Charles Talbot, the 1st Duke of Shewsbury; it has undergone some transformations and has been converted into a hotel, golf park and wedding venue.

Ok, my friend Dory got a bit crazy here; imagining Mr Darcy exploring the grounds of this beautiful estate.

England day 4-002

England day 4-003

England day 4-005England day 4-007

England day 4-008

and a lovely breakfast at the hotel the day after.

England day 4-016

The day after the Royal Wedding

England day 4-014

and more of Cotswolds..

England day 4-020

England day 4-023

England day 4-027


England day 4-034

England day 4-035

England day 4-037

England day 4-043

England day 4-048


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